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Application Development

As the market grows the demand for new advancement to meet the new face of challenges in the IT is also changing. In today’s 24/7 business platform the practice of developing, processing, and maintaining application development to overcome the failures or downtime applications are the most critical part.

Application Development Resources and Tools

To meet the needs of the industry or enterprises aligned with cutting edge application development to streamline your operations, the right resources and tools are required for application development and maintenance process for managing the design, developing, coding, testing, and maintenance and debugging. With the current trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), our team provides extensive solutions for the use of cross-platforms that can be used on multiple devices as well as on various mobile platforms.

Spruce InfoTech has a deep knowledge and vast experience in choosing cutting-edge software technologies and applications that help our clients to meet their expectations. We also offer our clients a complete end-to- end solution to manage and maintain the application through our comprehensive strategy to eliminate inadequate quality, unresponsive code, periodic cleaning as well as compatibility with other programs and applications.

We help companies to accelerate their business through innovative techniques by keeping up to-date current technology trends that give optimal performance.

Spruce InfoTech can transform your organization by helping clients by offering the Application Development Solutions with varied benefits that include:

  • Domain and technology and solution experts
  • Customized enterprise integration within and outside of the enterprise
  • Expertise in developing complex application platforms for web-based and mobile based solutions
  • Improves productivity and enhancement of your business
  • Customize development applications
  • Speed up timely related application programs and process
  • Application Integration, Re-engineering & Modernization
  • Providing real-time visibility of projects
  • Significantly reduce development and maintenance cost
  • Center of knowledge and excellence that is involved in constant research
  • Achieve complete control and transparency across enterprise application development lifecycle
  • Reduce costs and increases agility

We at Spruce InfoTech has a team of software and application developers as well as testers to design, code, debug, and test application by eliminating the faults and improvising the performance.

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Managed Services

Spruce InfoTech’s managed services practices in providing the technology that meets that requirement of clients by reducing costs, support to increase productivity and focus on addressing a comprehensive IT operations and infrastructure that adds up the value for a futuristic technology landscape. We focus on more critical areas to build effective strategies within businesses.

Many businesses, especially small and medium businesses apart from large scale businesses with managed services can help them to control, managed, and efficiently handle all business operations. The managed services also contribute in saving time and cost at more flexible options.

Through a proactive approach in accessing to the IT resources and services, helps clients to increase infrastructure, stability, improve the quality of service and provide end-to-end operations in transforming technology environments rather than using day-to-day traditional offerings with management services.

Managed services can perform several operations, which include running applications, databases, data recovery, back-up recovery, network management, data storage, security, and monitoring.

Benefits of Managed Services

  • Analytics
  • Recovery and Continuous improvement
  • Expertise Sourcing
  • Supplier management
  • Technology services
  • Market intelligence
  • Reduce cost and low capital
  • Flexible Service
  • Competitive Advantage

To deliver more quality services, Spruce InfoTech, a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) uses the best technologies and tools, constantly upgrade of IT services without any additional cost. We provide flexible options for your plan by using pay-as-you-go concept for quick growth by cutting down the expenses.

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Use comprehensive mode of training to strengthen your team to identify priorities and tools with advanced skill sets.

At Spruce InfoTech, you will find a complete training via online, on-site, or through a virtual mode that covers the core components of IT with the entire spectrum of Big Data, Business Analytics, Oracle EPM/BI Solutions, including Data Warehousing, DevOps and AWS that allows you to master the skill sets needed to implement, develop, control, and manage end-to-end operations using Oracle EPM/BI Solutions.

This proven interactive environment with business endeavors combines people, technology, and processes to deliver solutions across industry specific sectors driven by development, applications, deployment, testing, software solutions, and security, which have been adopted rapidly to enhance smooth business operations at various levels of enterprises and organizations with newfound possibilities of technologies.

Classroom Training Format

We offer classroom training, onsite training, or virtual training that gives you a convenient way to advance into the next level of your career.

Classroom Training: Classroom training with a minimum of 5 students gives an opportunity to enhance interactive session delivered by professional trainers creating a dynamic environment for students to ask questions, to give them a chance to learn, and focus on developing skills. You will get a real-time exposure in handling projects with practical learning exposure across various industry specific sectors to expand your career options that determine your goals.

On-Site Training: More and more companies realize the importance of on-site training that gives a true value of flexible options by bringing a live trainer facility at the office, conference center, or corporate organization. Experienced trainers conduct training at your facility that sets up the date at your convenience level, focus on course tailored to your organization needs, dynamic and interactive learning experience, substantial saves travel-time and cost.

Virtual Training: If your team members located across the world, then Spruce InfoTech creates virtual or simulated training environment at a distance learning platform, which incorporates course materials, homework, tests, assessments, and other tools that are external to the classroom experience. Virtual training can be done synchronously or asynchronously.

Private Client Training: We provide training either through onsite, virtual classroom, or at your office locations.

Benefits of Training

  • Provide training for developers, administrators, software testers, and power users.
  • Improves team confidence level, deepens knowledge, and competency with technical skills by understanding core concepts of IT requirements connecting business needs.
  • Real-time practical exposure at various industry specific sectors, business structure, and environment.
  • Increases team efficiency.
  • Interactive, exercise-driven instruction proven to increase engagement and retention.
  • A well-balanced pace to cover up course modules – a true value of time.

At Spruce InfoTech, we believe that getting trained to acquire more knowledge adds up your skill level and keep pace with evolving technologies. By customizing IT training, we help professionals to update and upgrade their skills consistently.

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Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing solutions help in building an effective strategy for gaining and maintaining the competitive level advantage to streamline the smooth transition of business operations or tasks by executing the overall outsourcing services.

At Spruce InfoTech, we adapt the process of outsourcing services by focusing on an optimal blend of on-site, offshoring, and nature to deliver specific requirements for our clients that drive excellence to achieve outstanding results. You will also benefit of getting a cost-effective advantage.

IT Outsourcing Services

There has been a massive abundance in using IT, Software, Application, and Technology resource to upscale the efficiency level of the business operations. IT outsourcing services adapted by Spruce InfoTech has created an increasing demand, which is far more convenient for businesses and organizations to understand the overall process of our services, to narrow down operations and functions to produce the greater quality of services.

At Spruce InfoTech, we provide sophisticated outsourcing services that are geared up towards the business growth by adopting IT resources and applications that revolutionize the clients outsourcing solutions. We help you to identify every task and responsibilities through knowledge transfer (KT) process that enhances greater opportunities in the entire IT portfolio to tuneup efficient business operations, goals, cost optimization, and consistency that can reshape the ability of the client’s IT environment and to meet the ever-changing needs of your business.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Distributed tasks
  • Enhances management to bring innovation
  • Improvise quality of services and decision making
  • Less workload
  • Focus on skilled expertise to save time
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Low Cost

Outsourcing Process

  • Outsourcing assessment
  • To enhance business process efficiency
  • Focus on core business solutions
  • Improve reliability and quality
  • Flexibility in business operations
  • Cost-effective

Why Spruce InfoTech for Outsourcing?

  • Pioneer in deploying IT, Application, and Software outsourcing services
  • Services offered to both offshore and onshore businesses and organizations
  • Highly talented pool of IT experts across multiple domain skills
  • 24×7 outsourcing process for speedy completion of projects
  • Consistency in improvising quality standards
  • Global support of business networks
  • Adaptability and Scalability of prevailing technology requirements
  • Cost-benefits
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Staff Augmentation

Spruce InfoTech provides effective outsourcing strategy in the Staff Augmentation industry to service for companies ranging from small size to fortune 500 companies. Our unique technique consists of evaluating the skills and talent of the staff that are required to fit in the IT industry.

There has been a vast marginal benefit in staff augmentation, which is increasing because of abundance IT resources. It gives flexibility to hire short-term or long-term based upon the duration and type of projects you are planning.

We have an expert team of staff augmentation team who is well-versed in their skills and tremendous knowledge in IT and Software industry that helps you in finding the right pool of talent.Our proven capabilities in providing high quality on-demand IT and Software staff in niche skills in the areas across a wide spectrum of information technology have resulted in successful completion of projects in various areas including:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Systems Engineering
  • Systems Analysis and Integration
  • Enterprise Mobile and Web Application Development
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Database & Data Warehouse Development and Administration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Cloud, Storage, Web Services and Security

As a leading provider in Staff Augmentation, we at Spruce InfoTech provide you with customized solutions to meet your requirements by understanding the specific skills your organization is looking for that help in operating your business and achieve specific goals.Choosing staff augmentation services give you larger benefits for your business in many ways, which includes:

  • Reduces hiring timelines
  • Maximize Flexibility
  • Monitoring Daily Tasks of Team Member
  • Focus on Skilled Staff
  • Reduce Training Cost
  • Hiring/Recruitment Made Easier
  • Cost-effective Process
  • Qualified Local Job Market Resources
  • Contract-to-Hire option after 6 months with no conversion fee
  • Dedicated POC – one single point of contact for all your staffing needs
  • Client Satisfaction

We are committed to provide qualified resources and for any reason if the consultant fails to work out within 10 days, then you are under no obligation to pay for hours worked and you will be provided with a replacement, focusing on the client’s satisfaction and building the trust.

Whatever is required to find and hire the right IT professionals, whether for a contract basis, period of a few months or for a long-term, we will work in staff augmentation in the most flexible mode within the prescribe timeline in the cost-effective manner.

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DevOps and AWS

DevOps – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers flexible solutions designed to enable organizations to more rapidly and reliably build and deliver products using DevOps and AWS practices. These services help in simplifying provisioning and managing infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software release processes, and monitoring application and infrastructure performance. “

“DevOps with the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools, increases organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed enables organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.”

Spruce InfoTech understand the concept of DevOps and AWS by bringing together development and operations to procure better applications and performance at reduce time to improvise deployment. To help any organization to automate manual tasks and manage complex environments at scale, we adopt DevOps and AWS services. Spruce InfoTech has vast years of experience in optimizing business and analytic solutions to match operational, functional, and strategic objectives.

Being AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and expertise in DevOps and AWS, we provide end-to-end solutions across the entire range of cloud platforms. We build and deploy complex cloud architects on Amazon Web Services, which have deep knowledge and expertise on AWS in provisioning distributed an application using DevOps tools on the AWS platform.

Benefits of using DevOps and AWS

Speed to enhance high velocity to adapt the change to drive efficient results by enabling DevOps model for developers and operations teams to achieve optimal performance and results.

Rapid Delivery?practices which enable us to frequent integration and continuous delivery of practices to automate software release products, increase the frequency and improvise products. It also helps in bringing new features to fix bugs or errors and accelerate to respond the needs of the customers at the competitive advantage.

To ensure?Reliability?in quality and consistency in updates of application and infrastructure changes. Continuous integration and continuous delivery help to test the change of each function.

Scale?up the processes to operate and manage infrastructure in managing complex or change systems efficiently in the areas of development, testing, and productions at reducing risks in a more efficient manner.

Improved Collaboration of effective teams under DevOps model helps developers and operations teams to work closers and share responsibilities, manage tasks efficiently and combine workflows to reduce inefficiencies and delays.

Security is determined under DevOps model by using automated compliance policies, fine-grained controls, and configuration management techniques.

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Big Data

Big data is a term for data sets in a technological world, which refers to large or complex volume of both, structured and unstructured data tool is a large process, using traditional data processing and software techniques are inadequate. Big data are implemented to overcome challenges of structuring the unstructured data, which includes of capturing data, data storage, data analysis, search, sharing, visualization, querying, updating, and information privacy of data (text, images, video, and documents).

Spruce InfoTech’s effective strategies will help you to bring unstructured volumes of data into structured and organized order to your Big Data. With proven experience in advanced technologies, we have a team of expert consultants with the skill of advanced techniques to assess data maturity, analyze use case definition and business case development for big data adoption, a roadmap for effective planning, a new age of strategic architecture plan to execute and define big data architecture in the real enterprise environment.

The goal of the organizations is to bring clarity to the big data by improving existing opportunities to build a comprehensive strategy that will guide you through the implementation process.

Holistic Approach to Big Data’s Strong Strategy

  • Understanding and defining comprehensive Big Data Architecture
  • Big data business cases, analytical and integrated solutions
  • Improvised performance at reduced cost by enhancing open source platforms
  • Aligning big data with actionable insights
  • Setting up technology and evaluation considerations
  • Define Proof of Concepts (POC) or Proof of Technology (POT)
  • Application of small scale version or specific model is tested and implemented
  • Set goals, measure, implement and evaluate outcomes of POC
  • Structural and long-term scalability

Big Data is not about how big the data a business has, but it’s about how effectively it can be used to make a difference that can help businesses.

Spruce InfoTech offers the easiest solution to analyze huge business data with big data solutions. Our expert team of data analysts has sharp insights and smart approach in collecting, analyzing, and activating data with a unique strategy. By analyzing Data Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity, a business can acquire effective measures to deal with huge chunks of data.

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Data Warehousing

With the exponential growth of large volumes of information, business intelligence locked in heterogeneous silos, unstructured format of data, and at a certain stage the unavailability of data has posed challenges to many enterprises and struggle to utilize information and business efficiently.

Spruce InfoTech aims at delivering a complete data warehousing services to help business executives to analyze, organize, develop, integrate, implement, maintaining, and upgrading data with advanced methodologies. A data in a data warehouse help executives to use and making a decision.

Data Warehousing (DW) at Spruce InfoTech offers customized end-to-end solutions to keep update about reporting and analytics, maintenance and support in the evolving business changing world tailored to many diversify industries. We help organizations and enterprises in information processing, analytical processing and data mining, which are widely benefited for many enterprises and businesses.

What is a Data Warehouse?

A Data Warehouse (DW or DWH), is also known as an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), is a centralized store for all data generated by the departments of a large enterprise organization. It is a system specially designed to generate reports and data analysis process and is regarded as the core component of business intelligence (BI). The data warehouse extracts huge streams of data coming from disparate sources.

A data warehouse is a database designed to enable for analytical rather transaction processing. It is designed to store, process, and access large volumes of data, support in reporting, business intelligence (BI), analytics, decision support, data mining, and other related activities.

A data warehouse is subject-oriented, geared towards flexible analytical processing of high volumes of data, on the other hand, operational databases is a transaction or process-oriented.

Why Data Warehouse?

  • Data Warehouse is kept separate from the organization’s operational database.
  • It does not require frequent updating.
  • It allows processing consolidated historical data, which helps organizations to analyze its business.
  • Data warehouse helps executives to organize, understand, and use their data to make strategic decisions.
  • It helps in integrating information and data of diversifying application systems needed for business.
  • It allows end users to interact with the data stored in the database.

To improvise the quality of data, we constantly find and fix the errors in data and converting the data from legacy format to warehouse format.

Benefits of Data warehousing include:

  • DW Analysis and Planning
  • Data Warehouse Provides High Performance
  • Intelligent Data Integration
  • Quick Response Time
  • Improvise Quality, Efficiency, and Consistency
  • Analytical Insights and Historical Processing of Information
  • Data Warehouse Helps in Strategic Decisions

Why Spruce InfoTech?

  • DW Integration & Implementation
  • Detailed Analysis and Planning
  • Application Implementation and Support
  • Enterprise Data Management Services
  • Customized Tools and Utilities
  • Strong expertise in complex and large Data Warehouses
  • Dedicated team of Certified Developers and Consultants with strong functional and technical skills

Our team has a profound knowledge and experience in the data warehouse that helps enterprises in accessing to accurate and appropriate data quicker. With comprehensive data warehouse services, we customized solutions that are integrated to align business ensure that your data is kept securely and safely.

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Business Intelligence

In today’s digital world, Business intelligence (BI) services help many organizations transform their businesses by organizing, updating and utilizing data in more dynamic and fastest way by identifying opportunities and to implement more quicker decisions through BI services.

Spruce InfoTech provides a new age of digital transformation solution for many enterprises to bring the significant change in their existing business operations and systems to enhance better performance and profitable growth.

BI Services and Solutions

  • To create a strategic roadmap that defines BI health check and revitalization
  • To provide tailor insights for your business that can help to maximize new revenue generating opportunities
  • To improvise a business operation efficiently and visibility across the organization
  • To implement executive dashboards, interactive reporting, budgeting and rolling forecasts
  • To implement real-time reporting with analytical alert
  • To optimize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • To enable faster problem-solving and decision making strategies across all business operations
  • Upgrades, implementation, and maintenance of technologies, resources, tools, and software(s) used to make your business operations more agile.

Spruce InfoTech are exceptional in providing business consulting and technology implementation experts to every client. Our BI services help you to transform great insights of reliable and real-time information across all levels of organizations which are easier to understand.

  • Customize BI dashboard services for overall performance and scorecard
  • Focus on cost-effective approach for better business productivity
  • BI performance management tools for predictive analysis and to make tasks and reporting easier
  • BI architecture and design services to cater all sizes of businesses and companies

We have a set of BI team who provide comprehensive BI solutions that are easy-to understand in critical business metrics and help them to reinvent business making strategies by embracing technologies, tools, and application that enables strategic decision-making solutions.

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Enterprise Performance Management

Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management is a type of business management that helps several organizations by delivering integrated suite of applications featuring common Web and MS Office interfaces, reporting tools, mobile information delivery, and administration. Our latest addition of EPM Cloud delivers innovative solutions by addressing the needs of insight reporting for internal as well as external audiences. With Hyperion EPM solutions – partners show customers the overall aspects and strategies to plan for growth, report, and execute to accelerate business value.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Process

An EPM process involves in monitoring performance across several domains in the enterprise field with a predictive goal of improvising a business performance. The EPM system is integrated to analyze data from many sources which are offered as part of the enterprise performance management process which include:

An EPM process involves in analyzing financial, operational and competitive information besides monitoring performance across several domains in order to make more accurate predictive goals that supports in making better business decisions. The EPM system is integrated to analyze data from many sources which are offered as part of the Enterprise Performance management process to streamline business processes and implement the best practices in order to maximize EPM investment more effectively.

  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
  • Financial Close and Reporting
  • Profitability and Cost Management

EPM Benefits for Organizations

To reach optimal solutions and agile business operations to manage a critical process, Spruce InfoTech provides a competitive environment by using robust Enterprise Management solutions to help customers get maximum potential business efficiency and high returns at low deployment costs.

Spruce InfoTech has helped many organizations and companies in the industries to achieve significant competitive advantages. We have a great expertise in looking through careful process of overall evaluation, integration, migration and measurement. We have our certified experts who have deep knowledge and vast experience in Oracle EPM solutions, makes us the evident, risk-free choice when seeking consultants to make a logical difference according to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • To strengthen overall business performance
  • To provide useful tools and technologies for effectively developing budgets, plans, forecasts, and strategies
  • To enable planning and organization wide business alignment
  • To enable reporting and monitoring plans and performance
  • To help you in exceeding critical KPIs
  • To help several organizations such as companies, industries, government entities, sectors, and non-profits

Spruce InfoTech transforms businesses by implementing key business practices to drive efficiency at the performance levels beyond clientele expectations by tailoring effective roadmap approach by integrating end-to-end EPM capabilities. We effectively allocate resources to ensure that requirement is meet well-within time-line by linking to your goals and objectives. We practice efficiency to maximize potential gains by resourcing technologies using industry-specific drivers to generate optimal results.